About Mike Patel

A Journey to Win Accolades and Hearts!

People generally have the ambition to be rich or famous. However, that on one side, only a few really care for the world. One such person with a benevolent heart is Mike Patel.

After graduating from business school, he made his way to the States where he carved a name for himself in the hotel industry and later in charity too.

   His career as a hotelier began after that when he became one of the founders of a group of hotels.

   He also became the chairman of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA).

His Commitment Towards the Greater Good

As a person committed to achieving, Mike Patel, later became one of the 15 Asian Americans to be in the prestigious Advisory Commission on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders. He took part in doing the best of raising fund, traveling to the earth-quake affected Bhuj, Gujarat (India). He also continues to do his best with the "Realizing the Dream Inc.," a charitable organization. He has received many awards in his domain that now primarily focuses on working for the fellow human beings and the Indian Diaspora. He has received numerous awards, and he is continuing his charity work incessantly across the globe.